Tefal Ceramic Control White Induction Fryingpan 20cm

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Dimensions: Ø 20 cm Material: stainless steel, ceramic and bakelite Perfect for preparing crispy dishes Suitable for all heat sources The thermospot guarantees a perfect baking temperature Crispy baking result due to the hard ceramic layer Due to the hard ceramic layer, the dish will seal well and it will have a nice crispy baking result. Ideal for crispy baking of potatoes, meat and vegetables. Also suitable for metal spatulas The ceramic layer is very scratch-resistant and therefore also suitable for use with metal spatulas. Nice baking result due to uniform heat dissipation This Tefal frying pan has a strong stainless steel bottom that does not deform and ensures that the heat is spread evenly over the entire bottom. This means you always have a nice and smooth baking result. The comfortable handle is very comfortable in the hand and thus ensures optimal cooking pleasure. Thermo-Spot, the handy heat indicator The Ceramic Control White Induction frying pan is also equipped with the famous red Thermo-Spot from Tefal. The red heat indicator in the center of the pan tells you clearly when the pan has reached the ideal baking temperature. The red dot at that time turns solid red so you know exactly when you can start baking. As a result, important vitamins are not lost and the dish retains its optimal taste and texture. Delicious and healthy cooking for every day! Suitable for use in the oven You can use this Tefal frying pan up to 175 ° C in the oven. Very useful if you want to continue the dish! The pan is suitable for use on all heat sources, including induction.